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Re: Remote Controling SQL Server 2005 NS

Subject: Re: Remote Controling SQL Server 2005 NS
From: Joe Webb
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 06:28:26 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi Shaul - 

You can use the normal remote admin tools to monitor SSNS. It has
performance monitor objects, writes events to the logs, etc.  You can
use Management Studio and/or NSControl to administer an instance.

If you'd like to extend your options, you can develop your own set of
tools using the SSNS API in SS2005. 



Joe Webb
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On 9 Jul 2006 05:39:09 -0700, [email protected] wrote:

>In what ways can I control and monitor NS instances from a remote
>computer? Any pointers?
>-- Shaul Dar
>Email: [email protected]

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