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Re: Using SPs to fire events - but the notifications dont get sent!

Subject: Re: Using SPs to fire events - but the notifications dont get sent!
From: ramadu
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 10:58:13 -0400
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi Matt,

It should not matter how many notifications are sent at any given moment to the SSNS database. SSNS should be able to process all the events and send out notifications. However, there are some basic things that you can check while writing events to the SSNS database from your trigger:
1. You are calling the NSEventBeginBatchTaskEvents SP before writing
events to the SSNS DB.
2. The provider name for the NSEventBeginBatchTaskEvents is correct and
set to 'SQLTriggerEventProvider'.
3. You are using the correct EventBatchId (which is returned as output
of NSEventBeginBatchTaskEvents) while writing the events to the SSNS.
4. You are calling the NSEventFlushBatchTaskEvents with the correct
EventBatchId before the trigger exits.
If this doesn't work, maybe you can try splitting the triggers into two
(one for INSERT and the other for UPDATE).
Hope that helps!

- ramadu


I hope someone can help me! I have setup triggers on a table, so that when the table is inserted to or updated, it fires an event to my SSNS application, which should then send a notification email out.
For some reason, the notifications are not being sent out. I cannot find
any evidence of them being processed at all. When I look in
NSEventBatchView, I can see that actually 2 event batches were passed
through for the same record being added to my application. This is
because my application adds the new record and then immediatly updates
something in it - so the trigger fires for an insert and then an update
straight after. No notifications are sent at all for these 2 event batches.
However, if I change the trigger so that it only fires on insert, the
notifications are sent and everything is fine! Just one event batch is
processed (as expected) and then then notification is sent out.
Does anyone why having the trigger fire on insert and update would cause
no notifications? Could it be something to do with them firing so soon
after each other (within 3 hundreths of a second)?
I'm hoping that the asnwer is obvious, and some of you helpful SSNS
experts can help me out here :)
Thanks in advance,


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