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Re: Creating an installer package for SSNS applications

Subject: Re: Creating an installer package for SSNS applications
From: ramadu
Date: Thu, 04 May 2006 20:28:35 -0400
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi Matt,

I built the SSNS installation package using InstallShield. I had another remoting server on top of the SSNS, so I packaged them into one installable. What I do is, once the ADF files & batch files are copied into the destination directory, call the batch files which will create the notification database, register the instance, and start the service. My batch files are based off what is provided in the SSNS examples and I built more functionality on top of them.
Also, during uninstallation, I call the batch files which remove the
database and unregister the notification instance.
To set the database name, server name, login accounts etc., you could
specify them as variables in the XML files and then have them as inputs
in the command prompt which will open when you run the batch files.
Take a closer look at the batch files provided with the samples. They
are very useful.
As a general note (to the entire group), I haven't found too many
resources on deployment and maintenance of SSNS and had to come up with
homegrown techniques, much as I dislike them. Even Shyam Pather's book,
which I consult, briefly touches on deployment scenarios. This was one
of the major pain points for me as I used SSNS as I have to make
installation really simple and painless for my end users. I'd really
appreciate it if someone put out best practices for installation and
deployment (or if someone pointed me to the right URL). Thanks!
- ramadu


I want to create an installer package for my SSNS application. Its going to shipped to a number of clients, and each client will need to customise the installation to do things like set up local accounts for running the windows service, specifying the database name and server name, and other stuff. Its going to quite tricky for us to manage this through a set of instructions and support phone calls, so an installer would come in very useful.
Has anyone anyone experience of doing this, and if so what did they use?
I coiuld write something in .NET that would probably do the trick - it
would have to write a batch file using the choices that the user makes,
but maybe theres an easier way somehow - maybe using something like WISE
Any ideas welcome - thanks!


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