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Trapping errors in Event subscription rule

Subject: Trapping errors in Event subscription rule
From: "sudhakar"
Date: 22 Apr 2006 06:31:09 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi all,

I am using a stored procedure for my event subscription rule. This
procedure essentially inserts data into Notifications view by selecting
data from the chronicle tables.
My code is now freezed including the  ADF,ICF and stored procedure .

The problem I am having is with my deployment.

With the same set of files, deployment works some times and doesn't
some other times.
I go debugging and find that when things do not work, the statements
within my event subscription rule. are not executed.

I am not using any EventSubmit<ClassName> procedures from within my sp.
The reason being the same procedure works , say 2 out of 4 attempts to
install new NS instances.

Any way to figure out whats going wrong when things are'nt working?

Thanks in Advance


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