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Re: Trapping errors in Event subscription rule

Subject: Re: Trapping errors in Event subscription rule
From: "sudhakar"
Date: 29 Apr 2006 07:15:05 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi All,

Got it resolved !!

Problem was with the firing of the subscription rules. I have multiple
event classes, but have only 1 subscription rule. I tied the rule to
one of the event classes. So the rule was firing only when I have new
data entering that event class.

To overcome this, I created a dummy event class and tied the event rule
to this class and inserting a dummy record into this class every time I
run my event generation logic.


sudhakar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using a stored procedure for my event subscription rule. This
> procedure essentially inserts data into Notifications view by selecting
> data from the chronicle tables.
> My code is now freezed including the  ADF,ICF and stored procedure .
> The problem I am having is with my deployment.
> With the same set of files, deployment works some times and doesn't
> some other times.
> I go debugging and find that when things do not work, the statements
> within my event subscription rule. are not executed.
> I am not using any EventSubmit<ClassName> procedures from within my sp.
> The reason being the same procedure works , say 2 out of 4 attempts to
> install new NS instances.
> Any way to figure out whats going wrong when things are'nt working?
> Thanks in Advance
> sudhakar

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