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Re: Looking to subscribe "roles" rather than "users"

Subject: Re: Looking to subscribe "roles" rather than "users"
From: "CoreyB"
Date: 8 Mar 2006 08:53:41 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
My suggestion would be to tack on something in your mail system
(exchange, groupwise, etc. whatever you're using) to have these "roles"
existing as email lists.  User1, User2, User3 could be grouped in
EmailList1 in exchange.  Then in notification services, the subscriber
device would be the email address for EmailList1.  This would be easier
than doing a custom delivery protocol.

Or maybe if you don't have exchange or similar, you can setup
forwarders on your email server to forward all messages to EmailList1
to User1, User2, User3.

matt roberts wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm starting designing a SSNS application to support our own web based app.
> I've just got the Shyam book for SSNS 2005, which looks pretty good so far.
> Anyway, I have a specific requirement that is making me nervous, and I would
> appreciate any responses:
> In our web app, we have users and roles. A role is a group of users, for
> example "Data Inputters", or "Auditors". As part of the SSNS solution, I
> need to be able to "subscribe" roles as well as users. So for example all
> "Auditors" want to be notified when a record appears in table X.
> I've not seen any examples of this in the book or in the books online. In
> mulling over how this could be done, so far I can only think of the following
> solution:
> 1) Subscribe a "dummy" user, (my role)
> 2) Create a custom delivery protocol, that takes notifications destined for
> my role subscriber, and instead passes the notification on to all users who
> are members of that role.
> But this solution "feels" wrong to me, quite complex to develop and maybe
> even not possible.
> I've looked through the existing posts here, and a few posts seem to be quite
> similar but don't seem to provide a way forward. A very helpful chap called
> Joe Webb wrote this in response to a similar posting:
> > That's true. SQLNS is a develoment framework so you cannot really pick
> and choose what portions you'd like to implement.
> > However, in many (or most) cases you can pretty easily integrate SQLNS
> into your existing process with little duplication.
> > For instance, since you already have your data in a specific table, you
> can use that information as the basis for your events.
> So I'm wondering if this means that since I already have and maintain a table
> of users, and details about which users live in which roles, then somehow
> I can tell SSNS to use this data....or perhaps I got that wrong.
> Any thoughts/opinions appreciated!
> Matt Roberts

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