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Re: Portal Content search based Notifications

Subject: Re: Portal Content search based Notifications
From: "sudhakar"
Date: 3 Mar 2006 23:02:58 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs

as part of my Building the prototype , I had executed t-sql scripts to
insert data into the subscribers and subscriptions tables.
I do not have any event class in my adf.
Just to test whether I can generate notifications, I tried inserting
data into my notifications table trhu t-sql and got this error :

Msg 515, Level 16, State 2, Procedure
NSScheduleNotificationsInsteadOfTrigger, Line 62
Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'RuleFiringId', table
column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails.
The statement has been terminated.

I tried to find the trigger mentioned and could not locate any triggers
created by NS.

Can we not submit notifications manually ?  ( I understand I am
infringing on the batching logic used by NS to submit notifications
with my method ) 

any inputs? 


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