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Re: Various questions....updating instance, vacuuming, and emails....

Subject: Re: Various questions....updating instance, vacuuming, and emails....
From: Joe Webb
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 06:35:40 -0600
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
1. Answered by CoreyB.

2.  Check out the following elements of the ADF.

3. I typically do since I use the email address (device address) as a
way to uniquely identify my subscribers.

4. According to BOL:
The Enabled field is used to enable or disable a subscriber within the
Notification Services system. When the Enabled status is true, the
subscriber is active, and the subscriber's subscriptions can generate
notifications. When the Enabled status is false, the subscriber is
inactive and the subscriber's subscriptions will not generate


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On 27 Mar 2006 13:49:35 -0800, "CoreyB" <[email protected]> wrote:

>Back to the top here - for anyone who has some answers to these
>questions.  I found the answer to #1.  When you update an application,
>if you make a change to the subscriptionclasses those tables are
>recreated, and the old data is stored in:  NS<subscriptionclass>Old (
> ).
>Does anyone have the answers to the other questions?
>[email protected] wrote:
>> One more question.....
>> If a subscriber is disabled (select enabled from nssubscriberview = 0)
>> but their subscriptions are Enabled (select enabled from
>> NS<subscriptionclass>View = 'Enabled'), what happens?  They get no
>> emails?  I'm trying to figure out if I disable a subscriber do I need
>> to also go disable all their subscriptions as well manually, or does NS
>> just skip over any subscribers that are disabled and pay no attention
>> to their subscriptions?
>> [email protected] wrote:
>> > 1.  When you update an instance and tables get new columns, etc. - say
>> > for example you update a subscription class.  Is any data lost?  Are
>> > tables dropped & readded?  I had a situation where I updated my
>> > instance, and some new tables were created called
>> > NS<subscriptionclass>Old.  Then they weren't purged during the update.
>> > Then when I updated the instance again, the update failed b/c it was
>> > trying to create these "Old" tables again but they were never dropped
>> > on the first update.
>> >
>> > 2.  Vacuuming - anyone want to give a brief 101 on this?  How long
>> > event data stays present, how long till it's purged?  I'm assuming it's
>> > a setting you can adjust in the ADF, but haven't looked yet.
>> >
>> > 3.  Should I check the DeviceAddress column in the NSSubscriberDevice
>> > view, via my subscription management, to see if an email address
>> > already exists before I add it again?  I'm trying to plan for if
>> > someone registers under accountname1/emailaddress1, and then they come
>> > back and create another account under accountname2/emailaddress1.

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