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Re: Scaling-out the SQL-NS Engine question

Subject: Re: Scaling-out the SQL-NS Engine question
From: "CoreyB"
Date: 25 Mar 2006 05:23:56 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
This isn't extremely specific, but this is from BOL:

"To minimize distribution bottlenecks, you can scale the distributor
across multiple servers by defining multiple distributors in the
application definition. The distributors pick up distribution work
items as they become available."

Sounds like the distributors go & fetch the items from the engine/NS
databases as their CPU/bandwidth frees up, as opposed to the engine
pushing them out to the distributors in a certain order.

trahnnep wrote:
> I've been reading Shyam's most recent book and have a question
> regarding scaling-out with muliple distributors.  How does the SQL-NS
> engine partition out the work to the different distributors?  Does it
> use round-robinning or some other method?  There was no mention of how
> this was performed in his book.  In selling the application that will
> eventually use distrbuted SQL-NS for scalability, I would like to know
> this.
> Many thanks,
> Hart Penn

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