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Re: Customizing NS instance db - opinions?

Subject: Re: Customizing NS instance db - opinions?
Date: 1 Mar 2006 06:37:01 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
My only issue with #1 is that my SPs and table triggers use the views
to manage subscribers.  For example....a web user comes to the site,
creates an account with a username, password, firstname, lastname,
emailaddress etc.  I insert this into my custom table (the
profile/account tracker table), then an insert trigger inserts into the
NSSubscriberView with the user marked as disabled, and inserts into the
NSSubscriberDeviceView with their default email address.  Then a
validation email is sent out saying - hey you registered, click here to
confirm, and the page they get sent to updates the NSSubscriberView and
sets them to be enabled.  I could only set up these triggers & sps
after already creating the NS databases, b/c they depended on the NS
views.  If I create an existing database (which would really only have
1 table) and try to add in my custom trigger, SP, etc., and there's no
NS views there, I won't be able to.

#1 & #2 seem to produce the same end result to me.  I'm not altering
any of the NS code.  I just have added one table, several stored
procedures, and a trigger on my custom table (not on the NS stuff).  I
could see how if I was messing around with the NS code/tables then this
would be dangerous.

Any more thoughts?

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