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Condition Actions

Subject: Condition Actions
From: "Mana"
Date: 15 Feb 2006 01:02:43 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs

I want to create subscriptions with help of condition actions so that
they ll be flexible.

<SqlLogin> is the child of <ConditionAction> element. I read in MSDN
that the user mentioned in <SqlLogin> must be created before creating
the instance and application of notification service. When I tried to
create a new login it asked me for the default database.

Now since the instance and applications are not created; therefore I
cant specify the database while creating the user.

My query is
1. Do I have to specify the default database while creating user or is
there any way to specify database later when the application and
instance databases are created?

2. If there is no way to do above mentioned actions then is it fine if
I create and empty SQL server database and give it as default database,
And then mention the same empty databasename in <Database> element of
ICF and ADF.


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