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Re: Portal Content search based Notifications

Subject: Re: Portal Content search based Notifications
From: "sudhakar"
Date: 21 Feb 2006 21:27:27 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Thanks kate,

regarding the CEP I have the following questions on the CEP
documentation provided in msdn

I quote from msdn:

"Event Submission APIs

When you have determined your data source, you can choose an event
submission API. Notification Services has three event submission APIs:

If your data is available in XML, you can use the EventLoader class to
write one or more events from the XML data source to the application
database. The built-in file system watcher event provider uses the
EventLoader class.

If your data is in a SQL Server database, you can use the event
submission stored procedures to write individual events or gather and
submit data using a Transact-SQL query. The built-in SQL Server event
provider uses these stored procedures"

I would be using NS coming with SQL 2005
1. My Data is in SQL Server 2005 and it is in XML format ( stored as
xml data type).

which method should I go for ? EventLoader class or the event
submission SPs ?

2. Since I will have to parse the entire XML doc to get hits, and I
will have a bunch of keywords to look for, what is the best approach to


kate wrote:

> definitely suggest that you will need to index this content for the app
> to scale (aka sharepoint indexing)
> NS should have no problem dealing with creating notifications with a
> feed like this, the challenge will be generating the events feed
> if you are using NS 2 you should be able to use the SQL event provider
> even though you will need to keep changing the selection as the
> keywords change. Because of this it may be easier to do a CEP where you
> can manage the keywords more efficiently
> kate

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