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Re: how hard to set up cellphone delivery channel

Subject: Re: how hard to set up cellphone delivery channel
From: "Andy Wilbourn"
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2006 06:23:28 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Do you need real SMS or just sending text to phone? Our solution is using 
SMTP addresses to send to cell phones. We did define two different 
DeviceTypeName for subscriber devices so we can get a different stylesheet 
template applied, we don't send as must in the message to cell phones.

This was we use the built in SMTP feature to handle the work for us. You can 
write your own DeliveryChannel if need be with out a lot of difficultly. We 
have a component that writes to MSMQ, mostly taken from the example in 
Shyam's book on NS. BOL has an example of writing one to call a stored proc.

Data in our <InstanceName>NSMain.dbo.NSSubscriberDevices table would like 
the following:
SubscriberID    DeviceName    DeviceTypeName    DeviceAddress 
test1                 SMTP1            SMTP 
[email protected]      SMTPChannel (as per ICF below)
test1                 Mobile1            MobileEmail 
[email protected]    SMTPChannel

ICF settings:
     <Name>Bod oding</Name>

ADF settings:
        <!-- Subject here -->
        <!-- email address here -->

In the path where our stylesheet's are stored we have a folder for each 
DeviceTypeName (SMTP, MobileEmail) with the appropriate stylesheet templates 
in them.

Hopefully this helps you, or others.

"billdebug" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:%[email protected]
> I've been cruising the information on NS and I cannot figure this out. I 
> guess it's a custom deliverychannel because MS only supports smtp and file 
> as built in delivery channels.
> What resources are necessary in order to set up a channel like this to 
> deliver, say, text messages to mobiles?
> Do we need special services or service providers to coordinate this with?

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