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Re: Distributor slows to an imperceptable crawl (weekly or so)

Subject: Re: Distributor slows to an imperceptable crawl weekly or so
From: "David"
Date: 27 Jan 2006 06:42:42 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs

We're running 2 8-way boxes.  The instance is running on one.  SQL
server on the other.
While we were at one time very very very far behind on vacuuming, we
are now caught up and it runs pretty quickly.
The slowdown went on for 8 or more hours and no increase in load
corresponded to this period of time.

Based on other threads on this group,  we realized that we were
accepting the defaults for Distributor Thread Count and
Work Item Timeout.

Following an increase of both,  the slow down ended.

While I can see the intuitive connection between increasing the
avaialble threads from 3 to 20 and an increase in speed,
I never saw anything in the sql profiler or diagnostic sp's that said
what was wrong.  I basically amounted to
"I'm doing nothing very fast and I'm not going to tell anyone why."

I do not wish to be critical of NS.  It serves as the back-bone of a
big chunk of our business with a growing number of big customers.
It does a lot of things very well that I certainly would not want to
have to re-invent, but it sure does have its mysteries and the secrets
it keeps tend to make my development team and company look bad from
time to time (usually by Thursday ;-) )

We've turned this thing upside down and shaken it every way we can
think.  For the moment the aforementioned config changes APPEAR
to have remedied the problem, but I don't I'm not going to bet the
house on it.

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