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Odd errors with new Subscription Class

Subject: Odd errors with new Subscription Class
Date: 23 Jan 2006 06:57:01 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I am attempting to modify my existing Event Class, & add a subscription
class.  The basic summary is to send notifications to subscribers when
a certain event happens within a user-specified radius of their
subscribed address.  So a user subscribes by inputting their address &
desired radius - my subscription management interface geocodes it
(fetches a latitude & longitude).  I've already got lat/long for my
events.  Then I have a udf (udf_haversine) to calculate distance
between 2 lat/long points.  See the Action SQL below that I thought
would work.  It compares the subscriber's lat/long to the event's
lat/long and I thought would send notifications whenever the specified
event happened within <radius> distance of the subscriber's location.
But when I proceed to update my NS app, it does not like my WHERE
clause for some reason.  I think it does not like the "<" operator.
But I need this operator. I receive the following error:

Name cannot begin with the ' ' character, hexadecimal value 0x20. Line
155, position 76. (System.Xml)

See my ADF XML below.  I thought for sure this would work.  Any

                        <FieldTypeMods>not null</FieldTypeMods>
                        <FieldTypeMods>not null</FieldTypeMods>
                        <FieldTypeMods>not null</FieldTypeMods>
                        <FieldTypeMods>not null</FieldTypeMods>
                        <FieldTypeMods>not null</FieldTypeMods>
                INSERT INTO LocationChangeEventAlert(SubscriberId,
                  DeviceName, SubscriberLocale, RegistrationNumber, Fullname, 

                    AddressLine1, AddressLine2, City, State, Zip)
                SELECT l.SubscriberId, l.DeviceName, l.SubscriberLocale,
                  e.RegistrationNumber, e.FullName, e.Date, e.AddressLine1,
                  e.City, e.State, e.Zip
                FROM ChangeofAddress e, LocationChange l
udf_Haversine(e.latitude,e.longitude,l.latitude,l.longitude) <

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