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Something I don't understand.

Subject: Something I don't understand.
From: "Bob"
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 17:41:52 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Well lots of things really but anyways ;-)
I have an existing app using sql server 200 tables. One of the tables is 
DeliveriesToBeMade, in it I have all the information about a scheduled 
delivery (whoto, when, what, HowToNotify - phone or e-mail, phone number 
e-mail address etc.)  I'm looking at the notification services docs and I 
see that the subscribers database needs to be created and the subscription 
tables get created by executing command and and or XML files and all this 
underlying databse and underlying tables get created like in the samples.
Fine, but I already got the subscribers. Its my customer list and we don't 
want to create an parrallel data entry system for stuff we already have. 
There's already an app doing that.
I already have the DeliveriesToBeMade, every time a new delivery is 
scheduled in the existing app a new record is created here and it contains 
all the info I need to pass to the subscriber. I want the notifications to 
go out twice a day, once at 1630hrs and once at 1830 hours.

So  question

It looks like I need to use the automatically generated infrastructure for 
notifications services and pass it information I already have in effcet 
making duplicates but in another form. Am I right? If yes, how can I do 
that. If No, same question :-).

Thanks for any insights,


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