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Re: Email confirmation? Bounced email? What to do?

Subject: Re: Email confirmation? Bounced email? What to do?
Date: 12 Dec 2005 13:52:12 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
By "bad mail drop" do you mean the windows SMTP service?  I'm sending
this mail out to the same SMTP server that handles all outgoing mail,
and it's not running on Windows ( I don't believe).  I'm not sure
there's an interactive way to scan through that SMTP gateway to check
out that stuff.  And of course we don't want to do it manually.

kate wrote:
> about bad emails. your right that NS does not see this as their
> problem. but it is a problem that can be dealt with. Assuming all your
> NS emails have a distinct from mail address (always a good idea for
> tracking), you can periodically trawl the bad mail drop for emails with
> this from address. Store the results of that somewhere. when a mailing
> address gets more than 2 or 3 entries then fire up a function to
> disable the subscriber and send them an email with a re-enable link
> just in case it is a blip.
> job done.
> kate p

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