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Re: Email confirmation? Bounced email? What to do?

Subject: Re: Email confirmation? Bounced email? What to do?
Date: 12 Dec 2005 16:11:19 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I can see how the subscriber management interface could add them as a
disabled subscriber, but then how to manage the email of the link,
enabling, etc.?  Should I create just another notification application,
just to track & notify new subscribers with their confirmation link?
So for example, I would have one NS instance & two NS applications.
One application is for my actual business need.  The other is simply a
new subscriber app.  The user signs up for a subscription to what they
think is the business app, but behind the scenes, I actually add them
to my "new subscriber" app.  This addition triggers a confirmation
email to the other app.???? Sorry - I'm more of a DB guy, not
applicaiton, or programming.  But I appreciate any help you could

My management is mainly concerned about 1) subscriber management & 2)
bandwidth/bad & expired emails

[email protected] wrote:
> By "bad mail drop" do you mean the windows SMTP service?  I'm sending
> this mail out to the same SMTP server that handles all outgoing mail,
> and it's not running on Windows ( I don't believe).  I'm not sure
> there's an interactive way to scan through that SMTP gateway to check
> out that stuff.  And of course we don't want to do it manually.
> kate wrote:
> > about bad emails. your right that NS does not see this as their
> > problem. but it is a problem that can be dealt with. Assuming all your
> > NS emails have a distinct from mail address (always a good idea for
> > tracking), you can periodically trawl the bad mail drop for emails with
> > this from address. Store the results of that somewhere. when a mailing
> > address gets more than 2 or 3 entries then fire up a function to
> > disable the subscriber and send them an email with a re-enable link
> > just in case it is a blip.
> > 
> > job done.
> > 
> > kate p

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