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Re: nscontrol update on SQL 2005 never ends

Subject: Re: nscontrol update on SQL 2005 never ends
From: "Vince Sefcik"
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2005 16:01:46 -0800
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Thanks, Diane.  I did as you suggested and the update did finally complete, 
after seventeen (17) minutes!  I sure hope the bugs are addressed soon, 
because it would be grief to have to wait this long just to have the 
compiler report a minor typographical error in a Select statement.

I think I may have to look at an alternative development process.  I have a 
VB.NET program that exports and imports all Subscribers and Subscriptions. 
So, I might just have to update the program to also export and import my 
chron tables and then use nscontrol delete/create (with an export prior to 
the delete and an import after the create) instead of nscontrol update. 
This will probably keep me going until the bug fix is available.  I 
certainly would like to know if a patch will be available before Service 
Pack 1 is released.

Again, thanks for your help.

"Diane Larsen [MSFT]" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:%[email protected]
> It can take several minutes to update an instance. This is not a great
> experience. The reason is known (it has to do with some lower-level code
> used by NS), and bugs have been filed.
> Let it run for several minutes. It should complete. (It has every time for
> me.)
> When using SQL Server Managment Studio, I often multitask and don't 
> realize
> that a secondary window has popped up that requires me to click OK. I
> thought I should mention that.
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> Diane Larsen [MSFT]
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> "Vince Sefcik" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
>> I have an application that has run under NS 2.0 for over a year.  I
> updated
>> it many times using "nscontrol update" without a problem.  I recently
>> converted the application to NS 2005 ande SQL Server 2005.  After making
> the
>> necessary changes (e.g., change Notify function to Insert Into), I was
> able
>> to run "nscontrol create" and built the instance and application
> databases,
>> added a subscriber and subscription and it ran fine.
>> I then needed to update the application using "nscontrol update" and
>> nscontrol never completes.  Regardless of whether I run nscontrol as a
>> command-line or via Management Studio, the same happens: I get the 
>> message
>> "Examining instance : ...", CPU cycles at 15%-40% (used by sqlservr.exe)
> and
>> the process never ends.  If I kill the process, re-enable all components
> and
>> restart the Windows instance service, it works fine (with the
> configuration
>> prior to running "nscontrol update").  If I recreate the databases using
>> "nscontrol delete" and "nscontrol create", everthing works OK. But,
>> "nscontrol update" never gets past the "Examining instance" step.
>> I'm using SQL Server 2005 Developer edition.
>> Any suggestions on how to track down why "nscontrol update" never gets
> past
>> "Examining instance.."?

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