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Re: NS & Email - what am I doing wrong?

Subject: Re: NS & Email - what am I doing wrong?
From: Joe Webb
Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 09:41:55 -0600
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Are you using an XSL Transform to format the message? If so, a
misconfingured XSL Transform can cause notifications to not be

Is there any info in the application log? Try turning on verbose
logging to get additional information.


Joe Webb
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On 9 Dec 2005 06:34:17 -0800, [email protected] wrote:

>OK - I've fixed the issue, but my emails still aren't arriving....I
>changed the syntax in my xml, and I'm getting success codes in the
>distributionlog table.  But the crappy thing is my emails are never
>arriving.  I know the SMTP server is working b/c I can send a message
>from Database mail from the same server (my machine) and it works.
>Does anyone have any ideas??
>[email protected] wrote:
>> OK - new guy here - following the tutorials, I've modified them to
>> reflect my application's basic needs, and the notifications are coming
>> to the htm file fine.  I've now added a delivery channel, and updated
>> myself (the only subscriber) and my device to be using the email
>> delivery channel.  When I test the event and it attempts to mail, I see
>> this in the DistributionLog table.....
>> The e-mail address or SMTP server value is not valid.
>> SMTP Server:
>> Message Recipients:
>> ....where is the IP address of the in house SMTP gateway
>> that I'm using.  This SMTP IP works with Database Mail, which is also
>> set up on my PC.  Note here that my email address doesn't follow
>> "Message Recipients" and I'm not sure why.  I'm the only subscriber,
>> and I thought my email would show up here.  Below are excerpts from my
>> ICF and ADF....any ideas?
>> ICF
>>     <DeliveryChannel>
>>       <DeliveryChannelName>SMTPServer01</DeliveryChannelName>
>>       <ProtocolName>SMTP</ProtocolName>
>>       <Arguments>
>>         <Argument>
>>           <Name>SmtpServer</Name>
>>           <Value></Value>
>>         </Argument>
>>         <Argument>
>>           <Name>Bod oding</Name>
>>           <Value>utf-16</Value>
>>         </Argument>
>>       </Arguments>
>>     </DeliveryChannel>
>> ADF
>>         <Protocol>
>>           <ProtocolName>SMTP</ProtocolName>
>>           <Fields>
>>             <Field>
>>               <FieldName>Subject</FieldName>
>>               <SqlExpression>N'Your Notification'</SqlExpression>
>>             </Field>
>>             <Field>
>>               <FieldName>From</FieldName>
>>               <SqlExpression>N'[email protected]'</SqlExpression>
>>             </Field>
>>             <Field>
>>               <FieldName>To</FieldName>
>>               <FieldReference>DeviceAddress</FieldReference>
>>             </Field>
>>             <Field>
>>               <FieldName>Priority</FieldName>
>>               <SqlExpression>N'Normal'</SqlExpression>
>>             </Field>
>>             <Field>
>>               <FieldName>BodyFormat</FieldName>
>>               <SqlExpression>N'&quot;html&quot;'</SqlExpression>
>>             </Field>
>>           </Fields>
>>           <ProtocolExecutionSettings>
>>             <RetrySchedule>
>>               <RetryDelay>P0DT00H15M00S</RetryDelay>
>>               <RetryDelay>P0DT00H30M00S</RetryDelay>
>>               <RetryDelay>P0DT01H00M00S</RetryDelay>
>>             </RetrySchedule>
>>           </ProtocolExecutionSettings>
>>         </Protocol>

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