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Re: Notifications Services Tutorial for 2005

Subject: Re: Notifications Services Tutorial for 2005
From: Joe Webb
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2005 08:37:01 -0600
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi Jason - 

Do  you have the SMTP service running on your local box? If not, check
the mailroot\queue folder for .eml files. 


Joe Webb
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On Fri, 4 Nov 2005 10:59:20 -0800, "Jason"
<[email protected]> wrote:

>I ran through the Weather tutorial that comes with SQL 2005 and got it 
>working but the notifications are written to an HTM file on the server.  What 
>must I do to have the notifications sent via email?  

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