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Re: Inconsistent Double-Ups out of the Generator

Subject: Re: Inconsistent Double-Ups out of the Generator
From: Joe Webb
Date: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 22:08:26 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi Jason - 

I'm with Kate. I don't think I fully understand what you're doing in
your rule. Can you explain it a bit. You stated in your original post
that you're using v2.0, but I'm not seeing the notify() function in
the matching rule. 

Try re-writing it to use the notify() as Kate suggested in her post.


Joe Webb
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On Mon, 3 Oct 2005 09:02:43 -0500, "Jason Liddiard"<[email protected]>

>Hi Kate, pasted below is the match rule I am using. It seems to work fine if 
>I disable the Generator, set the subscription chronicle back a day, set the 
>quatum clock to the time when my scheduled rule fires, and run the 
>NSPrepareRuleFiring PROC. If I run the query manualy (i know,a big no no) it 
>returns the correct amount of rows, if I let it go through 
>NSExecuteRuleFiring, it can double up the number of notifications. Strange? 
>Please let me know if you need anything else posted. 
>INSERT  INTO NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes(SubscriptionId, 
>                        SELECT  subscriptions.SubscriptionId, subscriptions.
>                        FROM    NewSaleByText subscriptions  
>                        WHERE   NOT EXISTS (
>                            SELECT  chron.SubscriptionId
>                            FROM    NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes 
>                            WHERE   chron.SubscriptionId = subscriptions.
>                        )
>                        --Do the match.
>                        SELECT DISTINCT                
> subscriptions.SubscriberId, 
>                 subscriptions.DeviceName, 
> subscriptions.Locale, 
> sales.CustomerName,
>                 sales.PostCode,
>                 sales.SalesUnits,
>                 sales.PackageDescription
>                        FROM    SaleAddedLog eventlog
>                               JOIN JACGBHWSERV01.CSL.dbo.vwNS_DailySales 
> sales ON eventlog.WWID = 
>sales.WWID COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS
>                                JOIN NewSaleByText subscriptions ON 
>subscriptions.WWID = sales.WWID
>                                JOIN 
>NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes chron ON subscriptions.
>SubscriptionId = chron.SubscriptionId
>                        WHERE   eventlog.TimeAdded >= chron.
>LastProcessingTime AND DATEPART(dd,eventlog.TimeAdded) = DATEPART(dd,
>                        --Update Processing Time Chronicle for those 
>                        --subscriptions just processed.
>                        UPDATE  NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes
>                        SET     LastProcessingTime = GETUTCDATE()
>                        FROM    NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes 
>                                JOIN NewSaleByText subscriptions ON chron.
>SubscriptionId = subscriptions.SubscriptionId
>                       --Clear down the SaleAddedLog (the Event Chronicle 
> table)
>                       DELETE FROM SaleAddedLog
>                       WHERE DATEPART(dd,TimeAdded) < DATEPART(dd,GETDATE())

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