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Re: Inconsistent Double-Ups out of the Generator

Subject: Re: Inconsistent Double-Ups out of the Generator
From: "Colin Meek"
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 08:43:16 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
There is also a possibility you will miss some notifications. Events 
arriving within a particular quantum are not processed immediately, so 
setting the "last processed time" to the current time in your 
NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes chronicle is not safe. For 
instance, the quantum 12:00-12:05 quantum might be processed at 12:10, which 
in your implementation would mean no events arriving between 12:05-12:10 are 
ever matched.

Colin Meek
SQL Server Notification Services

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"Joe Webb" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> Hi Jason -
> Thanks for posting the additional information and description of what
> you're doing. That helps a lot.
> Is there a reason you're using GETDATE() in the WHERE clause rather
> than GETUTCDATE()?
> Are you Digest Delivery?
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> On Tue, 4 Oct 2005 05:00:47 -0500, "Jason Liddiard"<[email protected]>
> wrote:
>>Apologies for my last post, I had copied the query from QA and while 
>>had removed the call to the Notify function.
>>What I have is sales data in a table on a remote server. I have a 
>>SQL event provider that run everyday at 6am to collect all the WWID 
>>( Employee ID's) for the days sales. An employee may have several rows of
>>data with no unique ID for each row, so I collect only the Distinct WWID
>>numbers. I add this to the events chronicle table, SaleAddedLog along with
>>the time it was added.
>>The scheduled rule is set to run at 10am. This should look at all the WWID
>>numbers collected, JOIN with the Sales data, Subscriptions and 
>>Chron table to produce only notifications for sales for today's date hence
>>the where clause testing for events greater than the last time subs were
>>processed and events must be todays date. The where clause is meant to
>>prevent doubleups should notifications not be processed on any day, as the
>>next day, two wwid numbers would cause multiple duplications on the join.
>>Not the most graceful solution I am sure, but with Unique ID's for each 
>>of sales data, I could not think of an alternative solution. Any 
>>would be gratefully appreciated.
>>  <SubscriptionClass>
>>  <SubscriptionClassName>NewSaleByText</SubscriptionClassName>
>> <Schema>
>>  <Field>
>>   <FieldName>DeviceName</FieldName>
>>   <FieldType>NVARCHAR(255)</FieldType>
>>   <FieldTypeMods>not null</FieldTypeMods>
>>  </Field>
>>  <Field>
>>   <FieldName>Locale</FieldName>
>>   <FieldType>NVARCHAR(10)</FieldType>
>>   <FieldTypeMods>NOT NULL</FieldTypeMods>
>>  </Field>
>>  <Field>
>>   <FieldName>WWID</FieldName>
>>   <FieldType>INT</FieldType>
>>   <FieldTypeMods>NOT NULL</FieldTypeMods>
>>  </Field>
>> </Schema>
>> <ScheduledRule>
>>  <RuleName>MatchSalesForText</RuleName>
>>  <Action>
>> --Insert rows into Processing Times chronicle
>> --for new subscriptions.
>> INSERT  INTO NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes
>> (SubscriptionId, LastProcessingTime)
>> SELECT  subscriptions.SubscriptionId, subscriptions.Created
>> FROM    NewSaleByText subscriptions
>>    SELECT  chron.SubscriptionId
>>    FROM    NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes chron
>>    WHERE   chron.SubscriptionId = subscriptions.SubscriptionId
>>                        )
>> --Do the match.
>> SELECT DISTINCT dbo.NewSaleSMSDeliveryNotify(
>>                subscriptions.SubscriberId,
>> subscriptions.DeviceName,
>>                subscriptions.Locale,
>>                sales.CustomerName,
>> sales.PostCode,
>> sales.SalesUnits,
>> sales.PackageDescription)
>>FROM SaleAddedLog eventlog
>>JOIN JACGBHSERV01.CSL.dbo.vwNS_DailySales sales ON eventlog.WWID = sales.
>>WWID COLLATE Latin1_General_CI_AS
>>JOIN NewSaleByText subscriptions ON subscriptions.WWID = sales.WWID
>>JOIN NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes chron ON subscriptions.
>>SubscriptionId = chron.SubscriptionId
>>WHERE   eventlog.TimeAdded &gt;= chron.LastProcessingTime AND DATEPART(dd,
>>eventlog.TimeAdded) = DATEPART(dd,GETDATE())
>>--Update Processing Time Chronicle for those
>>--subscriptions just processed.
>>UPDATE  NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes
>>SET     LastProcessingTime = GETUTCDATE()
>>FROM    NewSaleByTextSubscriptionProcessingTimes chron
>>JOIN NewSaleByText subscriptions ON chron.SubscriptionId = subscriptions.
>>--Clear down the SaleAddedLog (the Event Chronicle table)
>>DELETE FROM SaleAddedLog
>>  </Action>
>> </ScheduledRule>

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