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Re: Notifications are not generated

Subject: Re: Notifications are not generated
From: Joe Webb
Date: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 15:11:14 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
How are you submitting events when the service is stopped? Are you
using the event stored procedures? 

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On Sun, 7 Aug 2005 09:09:31 +0530, "Yogesh K."
<[email protected]> wrote:

>One issue I am facing with SQL Server Notifications is 
>I post the events to Notification Server when the service is not running. The 
>events are seen in the NSPersonEventsEvents table under the Application 
>database. Once I start the service, no notifications are generated for the 
>events I had posted.
>But yes, henceforth, when the service is running, all the events posted, 
>notifications will be generated. 
>Only to the one posted when the service was stopped, no notifications are 
>generated, even after the service is started. Why doesnt the notification 
>server pick-up those events. 
>Do I need to do any additional configuration.
>I am pasting the EventRule provided in subscription. This should be of some 
>SELECT dbo.PersonNotificationsNotify(s.SubscriberId, s.DeviceName, 
>s.SubscriberLocale, e.Version, e.Create_Time, e.Person_Id, 
>e.Person_First_Name, e.Person_Last_Name, e.Person_Join_Date, e.Person_Login, 
>e.Person_Email, e.Person_Status, e.Current_Status_Start_Time, e.Home_Phone, 
>e.Cell_Phone, e.Culture, e.TimeZone, e.Center_Id, e.Sip_Address, e.Password, 
>e.Supervisor, e.Support_Level, e.Skills, e.Roles, e.Channel_Capabilities, 
>FROM PersonSubscriptions s, PersonEvents e
>--Insert symbol if not already in the chronicle 
>INSERT INTO PersonEventsChron (Version, Create_Time, Person_Id, 
>Person_First_Name, Person_Last_Name, Person_Join_Date, Person_Login, 
>Person_Email, Person_Status, Current_Status_Start_Time, Home_Phone, 
>Cell_Phone, Culture, TimeZone, Center_Id, Sip_Address, Password, 
>Supervisor&#0; Support_Level, Skills, Roles, Channel_Capabilities, IsActive)
>SELECT Version, Create_Time, Person_Id, Person_First_Name, Person_Last_Name, 
>Person_Join_Date, Person_Login, Person_Email, Person_Status, 
>Current_Status_Start_Time, Home_Phone, Cell_Phone, Culture, TimeZone, 
>Center_Id, Sip_Address, Password, Supervisor, Support_Level, Skills, Roles, 
>Channel_Capabilities, IsActive
>FROM PersonEvents e 
>Waiting for your earliest response. 
>Yogesh Kadalgikar 

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