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ScheduledRule and NSControl Update

Subject: ScheduledRule and NSControl Update
From: "SVA"
Date: 8 Aug 2005 05:30:54 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I wonder if the following is a known problem:

Essentially, it seems there is no way to add a schedule rule to an
existing subscription class in ADF file. NS update runs without errors,
but no schedule-related tables and fields are created.

Yet NS documentation says that "<ScheduledRules> node ... Can be added
and deleted using NSControl Update."

In particular, if you add a <ScheduledRule> node to your Subscription
class (located in ADF file) and run NSControl Update, it creates
NSXXXSubscriptionsSchedules table for the given Subscription class.

That is fine.

However, it works only if you create a new subscription class from

If you add <ScheduledRule> rule to the existing Subscription class
(located in ADF file) via NSControl Update, then no
NSXXXSubscriptionsSchedules table is created.

Is this by design?

Thank you in advance.


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