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Reg IHttpProtocolProvider Problem

Subject: Reg IHttpProtocolProvider Problem
From: Muthu
Date: Thu, 07 Jul 2005 11:05:02 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs

   I am a new person to SQL NS. I tried to execute the Walkthrough given
in the SQL NS Books Online. In that when I tried the "Task 10: Adding
the Custom HttpLogger Delivery Protocol", I'm facing one problem. The
result in not at all posted to the Destination URL which we specified.
When I dig further, I found that the "FormatEnvelope" method is not at
all being called. When a notification is fired the "Initialize" method
is called and then the straight away it is going to the "Close" method.
I found it by including some logs in the provided sample code. I have
added all the things to the "Config" and "ADF" files as specified in the

   I am not able to trace the problem. Is is something related to config
or Enabling/Disabling Something? I really don't know. (I have tried by
giving the value to "UserName" and "Password" in ADF File with the Admin
User name and password). Even then it is not getting posted to the URL
and off course it is not at all coming to the "FormatEnvelope" method

   I'm trying this in a machine where everything is installed in same
machine. The OS in Win 2000 Advance Server. Off course I have logged in
with Admin Privilege.

   I'm baldy in need of this and I'll be very much grateful, if some
body helped me in solving this issue. Thanks in Advance. 

Thanks and Regards


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