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Results returned by stored procedure: NSNotificationBatchDetails

Subject: Results returned by stored procedure: NSNotificationBatchDetails
From: "Mangesh"
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 09:19:02 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I am trying the notification services sample example for STOCK. 
I have defined following subscribers, delivery channels and the stock 
trigger values 

SubscriberId    : User1
DeviceType      : File
DeliveryChannelName     : FileChannel
StockSymbol     : AWKS
StockTriggerValue       : 100

SubscriberId    : User2
DeviceType      : Email
DeliveryChannelName     : EmailChaneel
StockSymbol     : AWKS
StockTriggerValue       : 200

SubscriberId    : User3
DeviceType      : HttpLogger
DeliveryChannelName     : HttpLoggerChannel
StockSymbol     : AWKS
StockTriggerValue       : 300

I added the event using following sql statement so that only User1 should 
receive the notification.
EXECUTE StockInstanceStock..NSEventWriteStockEvents 1, AWKS, 110

After some time the notification got created for User1. 
But when I used following sql statement its giving three records for User1 
for each DeliveryChannelName and showing DeliveryStatus as "Delivery 
EXECUTE StockInstanceStock..NSNotificationBatchDetails 
N'StockNotifications', 1

Can somebody please advise me why its showing three records instead of just 
one for FileChannel?  The NSStockNotificationsNotifications table shows just 
one record which is correct.

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