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Re: SQL Notification Services -- Timeout

Subject: Re: SQL Notification Services -- Timeout
From: Joe Webb
Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 14:24:12 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Hi Ashwin - 

You may want to check the load on the production server with PerfMon
and perhaps Profiler to see what's going on. I suggest checking the
the SQL Server box that contains the SQLNS databases as well as the
data source for the SQL Server Event Provider.


Joe Webb
SQL Server MVP

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On Sat, 02 Jul 2005 00:59:40 -0500,
[email protected] (ashwinm) wrote:

>Hi all, 
>I am so glad to find this discussion forums for SQL NS. I?m badly
>stuck and need help.
>I am currently working on an VB.NET + ASP.NET + SQL 2000 + SQL
>Notification Services based application. 
>I maintain / enhance it.  The application uses Notification Services
>to send automated emails to the users.  (Event based subscriptions
>My application has two notification services running, one of them
>started failing about a week back while the other one continued to
>run without any problem.
>Original Problem: 
>About a week back the Notification Service stopped working, On
>debugging I found that the event batch quantum was greater than the
>specified event throlle.  (This was the error message in the
>Application Log).  The AppADF file used didn't have an event throttle
>specified and hence I believed that the application defaulted to a
>value of 1000.  When I checked the NS Instance DB I noticed that the
>event batch size was 1789. 
>Hence I reinstalled the NS Service with a event throttle of 3000, and
>was hoping that it would start working.  But to my shock / surprise I
>saw a completely new error message stating Time out expired problem. 
>Unfortunately this problem did not occur in my staging environment. 
>Specifying a higher event throttle solved the problem on staging and
>development machine. 
>As it was solved on staging Server, I went ahead moved this solution
>to the Production environment and it does not work there.  All I get
>on the Production box Event Viewer is: 
>"The SQLProvider event provider failed to
>submit a batch."
>[b:a3dff0992b][i:a3dff0992b]"Timeout expired.   The timeout period
>elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not
>responding." [/i:a3dff0992b][/b:a3dff0992b]
>Here is the error messages from the Application Log:
>[b:a3dff0992b]Error 1:[/b:a3dff0992b]
>       <Description>
>               The SQLProvider event provider failed to submit a batch.
>       </Description>
>       <Context>
>       <ProviderName>ProviderName</ProviderName>
>       <EventClassName>ClassName</EventClassName>
>       Source: .Net SqlClient Data Provider 
>       Number: -2 
>       State: 0 
>       Class: 10 
>       Server: My Server 
>       Message: Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to
>completion of the operation or the server is not responding. 
>       Procedure: ConnectionCheckForData (CheckforData()). 
>       Line Number: 0 
>       </Context>
>       <Description>
>               Timeout expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to 
> completion of
>the operation or the server is not responding.
>       </Description>
>       <Instance>MyInstance</Instance>
>       <ApplicationName>MyApplication</ApplicationName>
>       <Component>Event collection</Component>
>       <Thread>332</Thread>
>[b:a3dff0992b][i]Error 2:[/i:a3dff0992b][/b:a3dff0992b]
>Event Type:    Error
>Event Source:  NotificationServices
>Event Category:        None
>Event ID:      4045
>Date:          6/27/2005
>Time:          4:19:54 AM
>User:          N/A
>Computer:      My Server
>       <Description>
>               The running of the rule failed. Please check the rule.
>       </Description>
>       <Context>
>       <ApplicationName>ApplicationName</ApplicationName>
>       <QuantumId>2</QuantumId>
>       <RuleFiringId>1</RuleFiringId>
>       <RuleName>RuleName</RuleName>
>       <NotificationThrottle>1000</NotificationThrottle>
>       <EventClassId>1</EventClassId>
>       <SubscriptionClassId>1</SubscriptionClassId>
>       <RuleId>1</RuleId>[/i]
>I ran the diagnostic Stored Procedures and documented there results.
>Here are a few excerpts for it:
>NSQuantumPerformance Stored Procedure showed:
>Quantum Duration As [b:a3dff0992b]?OVER?.[/b:a3dff0992b]
>NS QuantumFailures Stored Procedure showed:
>Quantum Status Description as [b:a3dff0992b]?Failure after views
>My inference from all this is that there are subscriptions available
>there are events that are being generated, yet there are no
>notification being generated. The rules firing I believe is getting
>timedout, and it is set to default. 
>I would like to thank everyone spending time, reading this and would
>be very grateful for any further insight into the problem.   
>Honestly I am running out of ideas for NS. 
>Thank you, 
>yours truly, 

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