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Re: Event Info

Subject: Re: Event Info
From: "Shyam Pather [MSFT]"
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 13:10:41 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
The error you're seeing means that the [SubscriberId, DeviceName] pair of 
values you're inserting into the notifications view does not correspond to a 
valid record in the NSSubscriberDevices table. Make sure you've set up your 
subscriber records correctly and that you're passing the right values in 
your match rule.

Reading some of your earlier posts, it seems you may have the names of the 
event/event batches tables wrong. As Joe correctly pointed out, the events 
table is called NS<EventClassName>Events and the event batches table is 
called NS<EventClassName>EventBatches.

To answer some of your earlier questions, the Start collection time 
represents the time at which events in the event batch began being submitted 
and the end collection time represents the time at which the event batch was 
finally committed. All times in NS databases are stored in UTC, to insulate 
the system from timezone/daylight savings time changes.

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"andyjax" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> The EventBatches table has something like the following:
> EventBatchID     ProviderID    EventCount
> 6         1            0
> My sample data should be 10 records. The number of things to compare on is
> wide,
> 25 things to match on. Not sure if the event data is too wide.
> In response to your other post looking for errors in the Application Log,
> this is what I found:
> Description: Some notifications cannot be delivered because they reference
> non-existent subscribers, unknown subscriber device names, or unsupported
> protocols for the notification class. Use the 
> NSDiagnosticFailedNotifications
> stored procedure for details about undeliverable notifications.
> I tried to run the procedure, but nothing comes back as a logged problem. 
> I
> am using SQL 2005 June CTP Dev Edition on Windows XP.
> "Joe Webb" wrote:
>> Hi Andyjax -
>> If things are working correctly, you should see event data in the
>> NS<EventClassName>Events table and a record of the batch in the
>> NS<EventClassName>EventBatches table in the application database.
>> Are there errors in the application event log?
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>> On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 08:30:01 -0700, "andyjax"
>> <[email protected]> wrote:
>> >I am working through Shyam's book trying to look to make sure the 
>> >application
>> >is working as needed. The processing of my data using a filewatcher 
>> >processes
>> >the file done, but I don't see a batch in the NS<Service Name>Events 
>> >table.
>> >
>> >Am I missing something, or should I not worry about it? The MusicStore
>> >example in the book is working just fine. I am just trying to build a
>> >prototype and taking the slow process of adding a little bit more each 
>> >time
>> >as Shyam suggests.
>> >
>> >Any help would be appreciated.

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