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Re: Duplicate Notifications

Subject: Re: Duplicate Notifications
From: David Van de Vate
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 18:10:28 -0400
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Shyam Pather [MSFT] wrote:

> David,
> I noticed that in your rule, you select from two tables whose names both
> indicate "events":
>                                  MyEventEvent e ON (e.SelectRuleID =
>  s.SelectRuleID)
> Is "MyEvent" really your subscription class name?
> When you say "run the rule in QA", do you mean that you use the NS
> debugging stored procedures (NSSetQuantumClock, NSPrepareRuleFiring,
> NSExecuteRuleFiring) or do you just copy & paste the rule and run it? If
> the latter, then I imagine you have to edit some of the names in the FROM
> clause because the NS-defined views won't exist or be populated with the
> right data, so you aren't running *exactly* the same query.
> I suggest you use NSSetQuantumClock to set the quantum clock back to a
> quantum in which you saw the duplicate behavior. Then execute
> NSPrepareRuleFiring - that will set up all the state, just as NS does when
> it executes your rule. Then you can look at the actual event and
> subscription views that NS uses and see if they contain the data you
> expect.
> Thanks
> -shyam
I pseudo-coded the rule to mask proprietary information.  Let's suffice it
to say that the rule is a straightforward (just like the examples) join 
between the subscription view and the event view.
[email protected]
The problem we are experiencing is in a production environment that limits
my options with respect to resetting quantum clocks and the like.

When I change the names of the views to the underlying tables (Subscription
and Event) and execute the rule in Query Analyzer, I get distinct rows
back.  However, the notification table has exactly (never more) 2 duplicate
rows for each notification.

Same batch, same rule firing, consequtive NotifcationIDs.

I've been working with NS for sometime and am pretty handy about digging
through the tables to piece things together. This issue has me at a loss.
We have unique events;unique subscriptions; but we end up with duplicate

We are using Digest Delivery.  I wonder if the NSNotify xsp or whatever
factors that in, is someome how generating the duplicates.

Any help is much appreciated.  

David Van de Vate

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