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Re: Notification to WinForm programs in a LAN. Is there a Delivery Proto

Subject: Re: Notification to WinForm programs in a LAN. Is there a Delivery Protocols for
From: "ts"
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 14:25:58 +0200
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Thank you, I can see your point.

Then the next obvious alteernative in SQL Server 2005 would be Service 
Broker. May I ask if you know the complexity of creating a listener on the 
client-side, and wether that would improve the solution compared to the 
initial polling of the database from the client.


"Joe Webb" <[email protected]> wrote in message
> Sure, you can probably do that in SQL Server 2005. But, the risk there is 
> that you're putting code in a trigger that could take quite a bit of time 
> to execute. This will, of course, have adverse affects on performance.
> Triggers should be used judiciously to rollback, ensure referential 
> integrity, etc. I'd shy away from making .net remoting calls in them.
> Torbjørn Sigurdsen via wrote:
>> Hi I followed Y Zhang's case over several forumors, but I never found a
>> conclusion. Would it not be a solution to create triggers that execute
>> stored procedures - as sprocs can be created i nC# in SQL Server 2005 as 
>> of
>> - and use the .NET framework combined with remoting to notify the
>> WinClients?
>> Am I totally of the wrong field or would this give Y Zhang ...and 
>> myself...
>> the close to real-time updates on the clients?
>> If you did come to a more direct solution using MSMQ I would appreciate a
>> hint on that as well.
>> *********
>> Torbjørn

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