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Re: API for Notification Rules and content Formatter ???

Subject: Re: API for Notification Rules and content Formatter ???
From: <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 06:01:11 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Should I :
- stop the service (net stop ...)
- unregister the service (nscontrol unregister ...)
- delete the app (nscontrol delete ...)
- create the app (nscontrol create ...)
- register the service (nscontrol register ...)
- start the service (net start ...)

After each modification???

>-----Original Message-----
>As I mentioned in another response, the XML files are 
essentially the 
>source code for the SQLNS instance and applications. To 
effect a change, 
>you need to alter the XML documents and then run 
NSControl to update the 
>  instance and application.
>Resist the temptation to alter the SQL Server object 
directly. You'll 
>regret it.
>Joe Webb
>SQL Server MVP
>Get up to speed quickly with SQLNS
>Tarpan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In my application I want besides the normal 
>> functionality, provide administrative tools to edit the 
>> Notification Rules and Content Formats. So, 
>> has to be able (through the Web interface) 
>> create/modfy/delete the rules for Notification 
>> and create/modfy/delete XLST schemas for outgoing 
>> messages. 
>> I do not see any API for that. NS API covers the 
>> Subsription Management only.
>> Am I missing something?
>> How to do that?
>> Does anybody done this before?
>> The modifying XLST schemas looks simple because it is 
>> separate file that can be replaced. But editing 
>> Notification Rules and creating/deleting XLST schemas 
>> means modifing the ADF file. Should the application be 
>> rebuild if the ADF file was changed?
>> That do you think, guys?

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