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Scheduled Rule not firing

Subject: Scheduled Rule not firing
From: MarkSW
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 15:27:09 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
I have a scheduled rule that calls an SP in another database. When I run the 
Scheduled Rule code standalone it works and returns rows.  But when I set up 
a scheduled subscription and verify that subscriber, subscriber device and 
subscription have been entered in the NS database, with a valid schedule 
associated with the subscription, the rule isn't firing.  I am watching in 
Profiler and seeing no activity at the time associated with the Subscription. 
 There are also no errors in the event viewer.  My questions are:
- what other debugging advice or steps can I try?
- do scheduled rules NEED a chronicle table to work properly? Or is that 
just the implementation as its presented in the BOL and in Shyam Pather's 
book?  Could I, just as an example, just have a Subscription with, say, a 
daily period that woke up every day and sent a bunch of constant values for 
the notifications fields hard-coded right into the scheduled rule call to the 
Notification Class Notification function?

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