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Re: How to create the NS Application?

Subject: Re: How to create the NS Application?
From: <>
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 05:57:32 -0700
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.sqlserver.notificationsvcs
Thank you for the responce, but ........ How to create the 
NS Application? 

You open any example (Flight, Wheather, Realtor, etc) - 
it's a solution with specific structure and special 
settings. Like when I build the example solution it 
actually goes through some bat files. I expected to choose 
from some menu "Create New Project / NS Application" and 
it will create for me the new blank solution so I can 
proceed to filling up the ADF file.

My feeling is that all that(writing ADF, config and Bat 
files) is manual work in the Notepad.

>-----Original Message-----
>Hi Tarpan -
>SQLNS can be a bit overwhelming at first glance; there 
are so many 
>interelated components. But once you get your mind around 
it, it starts 
>to click and you can appreciate the design.
>I think you'll benefit from going through the Stocks 
walkthrough example 
>in BOL. It takes you through the process of creating a 
sample app. There 
>are some other samples that are installed along with 
SQLNS.  (There are 
>other sources of info too. Shyam Pather's book is 
>As you begin learning, keep in mind that SQLNS is not 
like creating a 
>Reporting Services project in Visual Studio. To create an 
>you create the ADF and instance filess using your 
favorite XML editor 
>(notepad, VS.NET, XMLSpy, whatever). The XML files you 
create "are" the 
>source for creating an instance and application. 
NSControl essentially 
>"compiles" them and creates a couple of databases, a 
windows service, etc.
>Joe Webb
>SQL Server MVP
>Get up to speed quickly with SQLNS
>Tarpan wrote:
>> No, serios... How to create the NS Application? 
>> I mean: "how to start?". Literally, Which button I have 
>> press to create NEW BLANK NS Application? 
>> Even before writing the ADF file etc etc.
>> PS. :-(((
>> Microsoft is always Microsoft. It creates 
>> products with insufficient documentation and COMPLETELY 

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