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Re: Smarlist Export Not Working

Subject: Re: Smarlist Export Not Working
From: "Patrick [MSFT]"
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 23:44:44 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.greatplains
This is incorrect.  Dexterity is automating Excel via COM.  You wouldn't see 
anything in the event log unless Excel is putting it there which probably 
isn't happening.

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Excel talks though the application thru .net.    Since you have
replaced botht the GP application and Excel this is where I would
look.   .net can be updated thru the Windows update or another
program.   Normally you would see an error in the Event Logs.

I would consider to look at your Windows updates and roll them back to
where the system was working or even uninstall .net to see if that
makes a difference.


On Apr 17, 3:19 am, "Victoria [MVP]" <victo...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Phil,
> To answer these types of questions it would be very helpful to know the
> following:
> - what GP version and service pack?
> - what Office version and service pack?
> - what OS version and service pack?
> - what is different on this workstation compared to your others where this
> is working?
> The times I have seen similar issues before have been when Office (or GP,
> but less often) were not installed and initialized as 'the built-in 
> account
> for administering the computer/domain'. Might be worth a shot if nothing
> else has worked.
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> Victoria Yudin
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> blog:
> "PhilK" <Ph...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:[email protected]
> > I've got a single workstation that won't export from Smartlist to Excel 
> > or
> > Word. When I click the Export button I get the message, "An error
> > occurred
> > during the export process. All export tasks were not completed." Happens
> > logged in as Administrator (workstation) and sa (GP) as well, no other
> > workstations are having this issue. This user works fine on another
> > workstation.
> > I've reinstalled Office then GP and I'm still getting the error.
> > There's a post from back in 2007 where someone else was having the same
> > issue but there were no answers.- Hide quoted text -
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