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[Medusa-dev] Quixote Submit button and browser Back button

Subject: [Medusa-dev] Quixote Submit button and browser Back button
From: Eduardo Biano
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 18:26:43 -0700 PDT

I am a Medusa and Quixote newbie, hacked the Quixote
demo and created a small app. The app authenticates
users,  displays a form which users can fill and
submit using a Submit button. It updates a database
and then displays the home page.

My problem is, when the home page is displayed and i
hit the browser Back button the same form is displayed
with all the information of the previous entry. And
when i hit the Submit button it again updates the

I would like to have the form page expired or any
other solution you can suggest so that users cannot
submit the form again without being authenticated.  I
read about _q_access and session but i cannot figure
out how to do it. I think the browser Back button
issue is different from the normal program flow.

Please give some hints and thank you in advance.

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