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Re: Missing text attributes in MC 4.7.x

Subject: Re: Missing text attributes in MC 4.7.x
From: Jochen Roderburg
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 14:06:59 +0100
Zitat von Felix Miata <[email protected]>:

On 2010/02/26 13:31 (GMT+0100) Jochen Roderburg composed:

I use MC under Linux with NCurses on monochrome terminals (standard
xterm under Linux or Teraterm under MS Windows).
The new 4.7.x series is now pretty unusable in this environment,
because all text attributes (bold, inverse) do not show up.
Did you check the bug tracker? Sounds like:
Yes, that's what I also thought.  ;-)

But #1972 was listed among the fixed items in the NEWS file and what I saw was still in that version, so it could have been something else.
In the just released I see it again in the NEWS file. I'll
check it again (on the coming weekend) and report the results.
Jochen Roderburg

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