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Re: Glitches with MC on slackware 13.0

Subject: Re: Glitches with MC on slackware 13.0
From: "Stan. S. Krupoderov"
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 08:23:51 +0300
On Sun, Jan 17, 2010 at 06:33:25PM -0900, Tim Johnson wrote:
> Yeah, there are a few:
> 1)C-h doesn't work as a backspace key.
>   Any ideas on how to enable it
> 2)Directory hotlist seems messed up.
> Example, I copied my hotlist file from another linux, something that
> I have been doing for years with good results. This time, the
> hotlist is totally screwed up in display.
> So, I created a new hotlist with a group, and observed the layout in
> the new hotlist file. It seemed to have the same internal layout,
> but the display is still messed up.
> Example Created a new top-level group, called "Baker"
> looks like this 
> ->Baker
> Cool, created a second to-level group, called "Akwebsoft"
> and it display as:
> ->baker->Akwebsoft
> Not good, works, but looks like crap.
> Created a third group: "CNI Server"
> Now I have
> ->Baker->AkWebsoft->CNI Server
> aargh!
> Any ideas? Maybe I can use the MC from ubuntu?
> Could be something good left from ubunutu :)

It looks like a bug fixed half year ago

C-h works perfect, in mc 4.7.0.*

Please use latest stable version or report bugs to your distro

Stan. S. Krupoderov 

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