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Re: [paritally solved] Coloring of capital letters in upper menu

Subject: Re: [paritally solved] Coloring of capital letters in upper menu
From: "Rashid N. Achilov"
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 2010 02:06:02 +0600
On Thursday 28 January 2010, Rashid N. Achilov wrote:

> My skin (color part):
> [core]
>     _default_=white;black
>     selected=blue;lightgray
>     marked=yellow;black
>     markselect=yellow;lightgray
> [menu]
>     _default_=black;lightgray
>     menuhot=red;lightgray
>     menusel=black;green
>     menuhotsel=red;green

So, rescue a drownings made by hands of drownings themselve...

I had have dig about sources. In file menu.c is a procedure menubar_set_color:

static void
menubar_set_color (WMenuBar *menubar, gboolean current, gboolean hotkey)
    if (!menubar->is_active)
      tty_setcolor (hotkey ? COLOR_HOT_FOCUS : SELECTED_COLOR);
    else if (current)
        tty_setcolor (hotkey ? MENU_HOTSEL_COLOR : MENU_SELECTED_COLOR);
        tty_setcolor (hotkey ? MENU_HOT_COLOR : MENU_ENTRY_COLOR);

That's all, folks! Are you see? When menubar is active - used menu.menuhotsel 
for hotkey and menu.menusel for drawing selected entry and menu.menuhot and 
menu._default for drawing non-selected, but when menubar isn't active - 
oddway to use dialog.dhotfocus for hotkey and core.selected for entry text! 
Why? Which relation has dialog to menubar? 

As parital solve I offer change line 5 to

        tty_setcolor (hotkey ? MENU_HOT_COLOR : MENU_ENTRY_COLOR);

to use to menubar drawing similar colors, which were used for bottom menu 
drawing. As full solve I offer to add new section [menubar] (similar 
[buttonbar]) in skin and use it to menubar color selection.
   With Best Regards.
   Rashid N. Achilov (RNA1-RIPE), Web: http://openoffice.mirahost.ru
   E-Mail: shelton [гав!] vmfree [тчк] askd [тчк] ru
   PGP: 83 CD E2 A7 37 4A D5 81 D6 D6 52 BF C9 2F 85 AF 97 BE CB 0A
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