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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 68, Issue 7

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 68, Issue 7
From: chris glur
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 10:05:37 +0300
Q1: How do I 'run a frame-buffer' rather than the monster X-system ?

It would be good if we had an accesible library of usefull mc.menu entries.
Something that I often want to do is:
 list [perhaps in temp-display] all files in the alternate panels dir-tree,
 which are the same content as the tagged/selected files.
Since often we change File-ID when we copy them to their final destination,
we can only identify the *probable* same 'content' by size.
Since we'd need to view them, for confirmation, perhaps one-at-a-time is more

I confirmed a <find in-dir-tree all-files-of-size N> to delete copies to *.jpg
which I'd copied and renamed.

! Let me use my <show all mcopen-dirs> to see where to switch to, to see if I
can still find the command. People who like mc are people who don't *WANT* to
remember trivial details ?
So I do: JS2P which shows me a menu containing
"4,      5,1 = mnt/cdrom/Hardware/fd0toSD",
where JS2P is my still evolving utility to show me that when I look down the
nemu: "fd0toSD" prompts me to remember that project with the *.jpg files, is
at desktop4, VT1.  And after switching there, Ctrl/O & scrolling the cmd-history
shows eg:
 # find ./ -size 4402c -name "*gif"
which reminds me that I didn't just look for size, and I knew that the name
 was not just random.
It seem that 'the task' is close to the the existing menu entry:--
D       Delete tagged files if a copy exists in the other directory.
   if [ "%d" = "%D" ]; then
     echo "The two directores must be different"
     exit 1
        for i in %t
          if [ -f %D/$i ]; then  <-- is $i the size
            SUM1="`sum $i`"
            SUM2="`sum %D/$i`"   <--? bash can't do "sum = sum + 5" ?
            if [ "$SUM1" = "$SUM2" ]; then
         rm $i && echo ${i}: DELETED
         echo $i and %D/$i differ: NOT deleted.
       echo %f has no copy in %D/%f: NOT deleted.

I'd better test this on some dummy-data.
Apparently it assumes the FileName is the same and just checks the total size
of the file list? Instead of users repeatedly designing such utilities, they
could be in an online [initially] library?

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> * archer_faye09 <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi,
>> Is it possible to use the MC code as the skeleton of the program i am
>> creating which i will embedded on the SIMA HITCH FILE TRANSFER DEVICE?
> Of course, as long as you have some terminal running (fbcon,
> dfbterm, etc) :)
> BUT: mc currently uses glib, which is probably too fat for
> embedded systems. I'm working on an glib-free version.
> cu
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