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Question about possible bug in FISH.

Subject: Question about possible bug in FISH.
From: "Juan Fco. Giordana"
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 23:36:45 +0000
Hello people from the list,

I have a question related to uploading/downloading files throughout FISH.

When I upload PHP files to a server it seems that the files are copied over to the remote location instead of being transferred to a temporary location and then moved to the appropriate place. I don't know how is this supposed to work though, but if these files are being uploaded to the remote location in chunks then this is probably a cause of trouble, at least for me.
The thing is that when I upload some files with a relative big size (~40
KB), I can see some PHP parse errors later on the server logs (i.e. PHP
parse errors triggered by 'unexpected end of file').
Because of the nature of scripting languages and because of the nature
of PHP being able to be embedded within HTML code my main concern is
that this problem could also lead to code leaks, since if the file isn't
fully transferred, some PHP open/close tag would be missed and that way
the code being leaked to the user's browser/bot.
Another thing that would be nice to have is an upload queue, so a list
of files could be queued for upload, and then everything could be
uploaded at once.
Thanks in advance for any advice you could give me on this subject.

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