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Re: find file is a mess

Subject: Re: find file is a mess
From: Felix Miata
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 01:53:43 -0500
On 2010/01/25 09:04 (GMT+0300) Andrew Borodin composed:

> On Sun, 24 Jan 2010 20:50:46 -0500 Felix Miata wrote:

>> How can I make mc find file list each file no more than one time?

> Switch on the 'First hit' option.

Good! Is there a way in older MC versions that don't have that checkbox?

>> What does the numeric: prefix represent?

> It is a line number where text is found.

Many of those files listed repeatedly don't appear to have as many lines as
the number of times the file gets repeated. O_O

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