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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 6

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 6
From: "Yury V. Zaytsev"
Date: Sun, 08 Nov 2009 13:40:13 +0100

I disagree with pretty much everything, but a few points specifically
caught my eye :-) :

On Sun, 2009-11-08 at 11:45 +0300, chris glur wrote:

> = I've installed mc on Slak3, RH6.2; Slak?; Mandrake9; FC1, mulinux...
>    all with no problems.

Using their original unmodified distributions or at least being familiar
with their way of doing things beforehand? How surprising is this...

> You don't want/need to know my circumstamces which differ from what
> you are familiar with. 

Of course, no one needs to know the background information when
assisting user to fix a computer issue. This "give us the info on ..."
bug tracker policies are for/by fags.

> Life is just too short. 

That's exactly the reason why it does not make any sense to struggle
with the artificially created problems. If you want to use Debian, then
use the original Debian and Debian way of doing things. If you don't,
then find a distribution you like and use it. It does not make any sense
to deal with Debian as if it was Gentoo + Slackware for the sake of
screwing freaking socialists and being unhappy about how broken this
crap is.

> Are you the chairman/controller of "us"? Is this mail-list different
>  from others which are based on collaboration?

I am referring here to the group of people working on mc, basing upon
the policy we adopted of not supporting anything but the raw upstream
and suggesting to bear with distributions for distribution-induced bugs.

I agree however, that I should have spoken on my behalf only, just in
case if someone has some spare time to spend in a funny way.

Good luck!
Sincerely yours,
Yury V. Zaytsev

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