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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 13

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 13
From: chris glur
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2009 18:31:19 +0300
> Not everyone in the world has a high speed connection, after all, and in some 
> circumstances installations may be done where there is NO connection.
Thanks for pointing that out.
I've never had/done an install via net.
The next step to really magnify the power of mc is to help multi-task use:
if you take a data-centric view [vs. an applications view, which I guess is
what's led to the monster browsers that do, mail & news & ..] then you'd have
a dozen mc/s open to handle your current projects.  So as stuff arrives for the
various projects, you'd want to be able to switch to the correct mc of the dozen
or more.    Eg. you'd want to view a menu: like the <Ctl |> menu shows you
'relevant dirs' for one mc, you want to see relevant mc/s the current login.
I've got a little script, which uses lsof [list open files] to find all of the
active panels [the inactive half are unknown] and ps <something>, to map the
mc-dit to a (Desktop, Console) pair.  So if an idea or something from the net
arrives for OpenMoko, when I key "JS", I see that the menu contains:
  2,4 = mnt/cdrom/OLPC/OpenMoko
and possibly other mc-dirs, open for  mnt/cdrom/OLPC/OpenMoko.
Which tells me to switch to Desktop 2, consol 4.
Except that really I have to first key "P" to see
  ---------> |2|3|1|2a|4|3a|
which tells me that the 2nd desktop is number 3.
And I had to construct this P-mapping manually by examining the pstree.
I would have expected other heavy-duty mc uses to have fixed this problem ?
Currently I've got 27 mcs open.
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