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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 12

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 67, Issue 12
From: chris glur
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 07:07:58 +0300
chris glur wrote:
>> What made me immediately feel strange/negative towards Debian, is
>> that it didn't install mc & gpm by default.

MK wrote:
> I think if you look around you will find MOST current distros
> do not install mc by default, because MOST linux users do not
> use it.  This was less true 5-10 years ago.  I installed Fedora
> 10-64 in January and (at least at that time) there was not
> even an .rpm package available -- I had to build from source,
> which I tend to do anyway, so big deal.

So they boot straight into X.
Can they chose one out of several X-systems, from the monster DVDs,
to avoid having to see VTs ?

> Most users do not like console apps and do not need gpm either.

You've been talking about compiling kernels ..etc. which I'd never want to do.
I compiled some linux stuff once and was shocked by the big-message list and
time it took. The first time C-users compile ETH-Oberon they think its not
working, because it just writes something like:
 "Compiled  News.Obj   1347253 bytes"   and stops!
Because its done.

So can you avoid using non-X when compiling a different X or a kernel ?

The main reason why I have to use Oberon, which fortunately can run on linux
[as well as native] is to have a proper heads-up editor. mc's editor is nice
for simple jobs, but if you need to have multiple files simultaneously visible,
to search, replace, cutNpaste between and change colour/font of text stretches
[like you kokie-pen-colour paper text] all without looking down to find the
<F?>, Ctrl ..keys, [because it's mouse (cord) driven] then no standard linux
app. can do it  - althogh I've read that 'acme' [I think] which was inspired
by ETH-Oberon can do it.
Has anyone here used acme ?
BTW, I previously told how we need a self-updating menu system to know which
desktop/console has got the mc which is at or near the dir related to
eg. "acme",
so that I can check the correct name/spelling. So now I'll have to
call 2 scripts
which will tell me which of the 24 currently open mc/s to switch to.
I'm writing this with the mc-editor [which I'll paste to the the
crappy web-based
gmailer, which I use for mail-lists which must live after/if I change
my crappy ISP,
which has a proper pop-emailer, because if I try to set up gmail pop,
something may
go wrong with the existing ...like once before].  And Ctrl O allows me
to see the
24 mc's dirs; and none is at/near <acme>, so [I must resist opening another mc]
I could change one of the "probably not needed soon dirs" [like in the
'Ctl |' menu]
or I can use the other half/panel of some existing mc, and if I don't
switch back
after using it the 24-mc-menu will be changed. OK so I found it & I'll cut:
"The design of the interface was
   influenced  by Oberon. It is different from other editing environments
   in  that  it  acts  as  a 9P server. A distinctive element of the user
   interface is mouse chording."

How can people possibly do this type of 'micro-management' without mc ?!
I guess they don't.  They just use what the marketers feed them.
That's why usenet which was designed by engineers and not owned by anyone,
has been replaced by facebook ..etc. which the kiddies are apparently all using.
And they have become dependant on the owners/controllers of the
"better experience"
generating devices.

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