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function for the user menu

Subject: function for the user menu
From: Uli Armbruster
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 18:15:22 +0100
Hi there

I'm relatively new to mc and I love it so far, was able to create profiles to 
connect to several ftp and ssh machines etc.

But now I'd love to have something like this:

In one window I'm in my music folder, which only contains flac files. In the 
other window I'm on my audio player, which is a sandisk sansa with rockbox on 
it, so I want to keep the original order. While copying I'd love mc to convert 
the flac file(s) to ogg-vorbis or mp3.

Because I'm really new to mc I don't know, if this has already been discussed a 
lot of times. I used google, but really couldn't find anything. What I found 
are some howtos, but they confuse me. What I wanted to do now is look into the 
already existing menu file and try to come to a clue. But I was thinking, maybe 
one of you guys has something like this already running and might be kind 
enough to share it :-)

I would be very thankful, because this feature would kick ass!


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