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Re: multiple configs, and --program-prefix

Subject: Re: multiple configs, and --program-prefix
From: MK
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 15:03:42 -0500
My problem w/ rob0's method is that, as Yuri points out, the subshell now 
thinks ~ is something it is not, which for starters means copying or symlinking 
.bashrc, etc.

I could not find a configure option for this, so in the src/ directory of the 
tarball I tried this:

perl -pi -e's/\.mc/.mc2/g' *.*

and then compiled normally and ran make, but not make install -- I just renamed 
the executable "mc2" (nb. I do not use the internal editor!) and copied into 
/usr/local/bin next to the original mc.

I used the same source for both -- which brings up another question or issue.  
I was going to use the latest 4.7, configured --program-prefix=2, but after the 
make, all the binaries still had the normal name.  Does "make install" add the 
prefixes?  It does not appear to me from the Makefile that it will, so I did 
not try.

mc2 appears to run fine and it uses ~/.mc2 as it's config directory.  Yay! I 
suppose it may take a few days to see if it will work out, but I don't think 
there will be a problem.

I think this would be a nice option and very easy to impliment as a command 
line option -- I could write a patch for it myself, if that is desired and 
allowed (who should I talk to?).

MK <[email protected]>
C/perl/web programmer
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