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Re: [rant] mc in Ubuntu, unusable!

Subject: Re: [rant] mc in Ubuntu, unusable!
From: Enrico Weigelt
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 18:35:30 +0100
* /dev/rob0 <[email protected]> wrote:


> I know my Escape-X trick to get to my menus, so the keybindings are
> not a showstopper. Esc-9, Configuration (they turned off the internal
> edit, for goodness' sake, WHY??) Auto save setup is checked. Esc-9,
> Layout, I drop off all the stuff I don't want to see, and what with
> netbook screens being so small I dropped off the keybar and mini
> status box. Esc 9, Confirmation, got to get rid of that Confirm Exit
> thing. Oh, fire up the editor and get rid of Confirm Save too.

hmm, do you have a pointer to their patches ?

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