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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 64, Issue 3

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 64, Issue 3
From: Jesús Guerrero
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 19:28:56 +0200
On Mon, August 10, 2009 19:02, A. Zimmer wrote:
> In the case of rxvt, it is a little behind the times.  The new trend is
> Unicode
> which rxvt doesn't provide.  But compared to the newer rxvt-unicode and
> even xterm, rxvt is still a lot smaller in size and that's why I prefer to
> use it, especially when I sometimes have over ten X terminals open
> simultaneously.

Did you try the urxvtd/urxvtc combo compiled without libafterimage
support and with a bitmap font? Of course, unicode comes at a price
considering that the characters are multibyte.

I haven't done any comparisson about ram usage lately but it might
worth it.

Jesús Guerrero

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