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FTP links in F2 meunu file ?

Subject: FTP links in F2 meunu file ?
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 17:03:53 +0200 CEST

is it possible to make "permanent" FTP links in (F2) User menu / or somewhere
else ?

I have try add (in ~/.mc/menu):

w     Connect to my FTP
cd /#ftp:myname:[email protected]

->error -> I have try also this variants:

%cd /#ftp:myname:[email protected]   [it should be internal cd,
or not ?!]

/#ftp:myname:[email protected]
#ftp:myname:[email protected]
ftp:myname:[email protected]

nothing helps.

only "cd" to FTP which works is "cd" when panels are showed, otherwise
I think standard (shell) cd is used.

Can some one please help me ?

Thank You


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